Custom buttons for performing advanced functions

Custom buttons for performing advanced functions

With FlexTerm is there a way to create custom buttons that allows the user to perform functions in the emulator?

FlexTerm Extensions is a powerful tool, which provides enhanced functionality and increased productivity for the user.  Included are three system extensions for function keys, notes and print multiple screens on a single page, with the ability to create custom extensions with buttons for performing any FlexTerm Action.

Available action assignments include host keys, text strings, macros, FlexTerm commands, external programs/documents and more.

All extensions provide:‚Äč
  • Ability to float, or dock to any side of the FlexTerm workspace window
  • Docked extensions may also be pinned to provide auto-hide capability
  • When multiple extensions are enabled, they can be stacked
Custom extensions allow users to:
  • Set the rows between 1 and 14
  • Set the columns between 1 and 24
  • Customize the background color
  • Set buttons to text only, image only or image with text
  • Use any internal FlexTerm image, or import any external image (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, .png and .ico formats are supported)
  • Customize font color
  • Set buttons to perform any FlexTerm Action
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