How to apply or update the FlexTerm license key

How to apply or update the FlexTerm license key

The license key can be applied or updated thru the FlexTerm Workspace or via the FlexLicense.exe application from the FlexTerm installation directory.

Updating thru the FlexTerm Workspace:

  1. Open the FlexTerm Workspace.
  2. Choose the File>About menu command.
  3. Press the License button.
  4. Copy and paste in your FlexSoftware provided license key and press OK twice.

Updating via the FlexLicense.exe:

  1. Navigate to the FlexTerm installation directory.
  2. Locate the file named FlexLicense.exe and double-click to run.
  3. Copy and paste your FlexSoftware provided license key and press OK twice.
By default, the 32-bit version of FlexTerm gets installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexSoftware\FlexTerm and the 64-bit version gets installed to C:\Program Files\FlexSoftware\FlexTerm

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